eBook: Fancy Dresses for Girls Aged 3 and Under

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Fancy Dresses for Girls Aged 3 and Under

Complete illustrated sewing tutorial. 

92 pages, 250 illustrations. 

Pattern drafting tutorial included. 

The eBook is available as a downloadable ZIP archive with PDF book.



  • The sewing technology of sewing a fancy unique garment for a 3 year old girl
  • Practical step-by-step guide on every aspect of the dress design


  • How to correctly construct the garment according to the child’s proportions
  • How to draft the individual pattern for a perfect fit
  • How to calculate the perfect skirt fluffiness and the accessories size and style
  • How to make not only high quality garment, but to make it suit perfectly


  • An exclusive fancy dress for your child
  • A great additional service for your clients. Children are always present at weddings and at others important accusations.  You can offer fancy dresses for little girls and this will be your competitive advantage.

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

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