Dressmaker's Treasury - Wedding and Evening Dresses

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Dressmaker's Treasury - Wedding and Evening Dresses.


Dressmaker’s Treasury will equip you with a range of necessary tools and techniques which every professional must possess for successful work.


The course includes all necessary supplementary materials:

  • 47 video tutorials: Theoretical and Practical parts. 
  • A Guide on How to Choose the Right Pattern for Desired Garment Style (PDF);
  • Under-Bust Dart Width Table for different garment sizes (PDF);
  • Sizes Table for all included patterns (PDF)

The patterns:

  • Boat-Neck Corset with 4 Princess Seams
  • Strapless Corset with 4 Princess Seams
  • V-Neck Corset with 4 Princess Seams
  • Corset with Halter-Neck Strap
  • Corset with Shoulder Strap
  • Corset with Straight Neckline
  • Corset with V-Neck Neckline
  • Boat-Neck Corset with Two Princess Seams
  • Shoulder Corset
  • Sleeves

The Pattern Calculation Software:

  • Pattern with 2 Curves
  • Pattern with 4 Curves
  • Pattern with Shoulder Straps
  • Pattern with Shoulders
  • Pattern for Halter Neck Corset or a Dress


It will help you get more confident. You will know how to:

  •  Choose the right strategy for making a garment after your first meeting with the client;
  •  Take necessary measurements correctly and prepare and fill out an order form;
  •  Choose the right basic pattern and adjust it after your client’s measurements with the help of automatic pattern adjustments calculation tables;
  •  Avoid common mistakes which result in ill-fitting necklines by choosing the right sewing technique.

The Corset Academy has published a great variety of practical sewing courses since 2010.

But certain questions on our Facebook page and in your emails make it clear that you really need to learn some theory for more efficient work with corset patterns.

It is time to fix this situation and fill in your knowledge gaps.

Before introducing you to the new course, I would like to emphasize that everyone who deals with sewing corset dresses must possess this knowledge.


Why? Here are several simple answers:

  • You will have at hand a complete set of patterns for cutting any kind of a corset!
  • You will no longer doubt what pattern to choose for your garment!
  • You will also experience no problems calculating pattern adjustments because of our AUTOMATIC PATTERN ADJUSTMENTS CALCULATOR!
  • You won’t have to make guesses about how wide your under-bust darts should be because I will provide you with a TABLE of all under-bust dart widths!
  • You will receive detailed guidelines to cutting lace tops and shoulder straps for all types of corsets!

This course will be useful both to beginner dressmakers, as well as experienced professionals!



Believing in your success,

Tatiana Kozorovitsky


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