Video Course: Professional Luneville (Tambour) Embroidery

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Professional Luneville (Tambour) Embroidery.

45 video tutorials. 



This course is for those, who are eager to learn an art of Luneville or Tambour embroidery.

In my opinion every professional wedding dressmaker must know the techniques of tambour embroidery! It will doubtlessly raise your credibility before clients and make you stand out among competitors.

Even small amounts of such embroidery will not only decorate any wedding dress, but it will turn it into something exclusive and special, adding extra chic to your dress!

I also know that very often beginners quit after trying to embroider with a Luneville hook.

I would like to demonstrate in this course that it is not difficult at all to learn Luneville embroidery!

I will introduce you to the unique method I have developed, which allows fast mastering the professional skills and tools for Luneville (tambour) embroidery.  

The secret of my method is quite simple: it is necessary to break down the complex movements and hands synchronization into the following simple operation:  

  • to master embroidering with an “American” hook;
  • to learn some simple operations;
  • to understand and to feel the thread tension;
  • to start using a Luneville hook.

Most importantly, you will be pleasantly surprised how fast and simply you can learn the art of Luneville embroidery using these tutorials! 

Moreover, my course is organized in such a way that you will not waste your time studying a boring theory!   

I will show you how to embroider real orders and earn money basically from the first steps of learning!

This course includes:

  • drawings for embroidery learning projects;
  • a list of online stores where I recommend buying tools, accessories and materials for tambour embroidery.

Thus, as you can see, this course will be useful both to beginners and to experienced professionals in making wedding and evening dresses!


    Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky


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