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Structured Designer Skirt


17 video tutorials. 

Sewing patterns included (scale 1:2).


Every bride wants to look amazing on the most important day of her life. But there is a certain category of wedding dresses which seem to be impossible to sew yourself. I am talking about haute-couture dresses. They are beautiful, eye-catching, and elegant, and they certainly make you look like a queen.

The course "Structured Designer Skirts" will provide you with detailed guidelines to sewing a fabulous designer skirt discussed on most online sewing forums.

What makes this skirt so special?

 - First of all, it is a full skirt. Young brides still love wedding dresses with full skirts.

- This particular skirt can be removed after the ceremony and replaced with a more comfortable silhouette skirt for the rest of the evening.

- This style is very popular for photo-shoots. Photographers are happy to rent out a skirt like this and its robust inner construction gives you hope that it will serve you for quite a long time.

Passions ran high in online discussions on how to cut and sew this skirt. But nobody could arrive at a certain decision.

As for me, I have gone through all stages of creating this skirt and I am ready to share my thoughts, ideas, and conclusions with you.

I will give you recommendations with three different functional solutions for sewing this skirt.

The entire process, from cutting to decorating, will be described in detail and illustrated. You will get acquainted with the inner construction of the skirt, learn about the train support, i.e. where and when it should be used, and learn how to transform a complicated construction into one that is rather simple and easy to make.

The key aspects explained in the course:

  • How to sew a plain three-hoop petticoat,
  • How to calculate gores for the main skirt construction,
  • How to strengthen the gores,
  • How to assemble the front of the construction,
  • How to create an inner construction for the train,
  • What is a train support,
  • How to give the train the desired shape with the help of the petticoat,
  • How to cut the skirt and what materials to use,
  • What other versions of this skirt you can make,
  • How to sew the face part of the skirt,
  • How to cut and sew the decorative peplum at the top of the skirt,
  • How to decorate the skirt,
  • The book includes a detailed description of the full process of creating a 1:2 mock-up skirt model, from the very first steps to the final touches.

PDF skirt and petticoat patterns are included (scale 1:2).

Study the tutorials, repeat after me, and you will see that there is nothing impossible! You can make this fabulous designer skirt yourself!

Do not waste your time! It is in your hands, but you simply need to start from something! Perhaps, from a structured designer skirt?

This course will be useful both to beginners in the wedding fashion, as well as to those with a certain level of sewing experience. It can be used for professional skill improvement by staff of sewing ateliers.


I would also like to emphasize that the skirt from this book is merely a foundation for your own masterpieces. Let your creativity bloom!


Enjoy it!

Believing in your success,

Tatiana Kozorovitsky.


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