Dressmaker's Treasury - Wedding Skirts and Petticoats

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Dressmaker's Treasury - Wedding Skirts and Petticoats


Dressmaker’s Treasury is a collection of key tools and skills which every dressmaker needs for successful work.


What's included?

49 video tutorials: Theoretical and Practical parts.

The patterns in a full scale and in a half-scale for making mock-ups:

  • Flared skirt
  • A-line skirt
  • Fishtail skirt
  • Wedges for the skirt
  • Middle wedges
  • Skirt parts

The Pattern Calculation Software:

  • Trapeze-Shaped Skirt
  • Half-Circle Skirt
  • Full-Sweep Skirt

The software contains 18 tabs for calculating necessary parameters for the mentioned types of skirts, horizontal and vertical ruffles, falbalas, and the elastic waistband skirt.

    I am offering you a great instrument to help you acquire more confidence for fulfilling your creative projects! You will no longer have any fear of complex sophisticated garments! You will learn to work with mock-ups, make crinolines of non-standard shapes, and sew various kinds of fabric cases for petticoats to enhance the fullness of the main skirt.

    Our main goal at the Corset Academy is to teach you how to sew wedding and evening garments. And I want you to be able to sew a high-quality garment within a relatively short time.

    I don’t want you to spend lots of time on doing complicated calculations and making basic skirt patterns!

    The Corset Academy has published a great variety of sewing courses since 2010.

    Nevertheless, questions submitted on our Facebook and in emails show that you lack theoretic knowledge related to making patterns, sewing skirts and petticoats of different types, and determining fabric consumption.

    It is the time to fix the situation and fill in your knowledge gaps.

    Our new book Dressmaker’s Treasury. Wedding Skirts and Petticoats is a collection of important methods and skills which every dressmaker must know in order to achieve good results. It will be equally helpful for beginners and for experienced professionals!

    Every professional dressmaker knows that sewing complex wedding skirts is not just about sewing together kilometers of fabric. The key thing is correct calculations and your ability to “foresee” the final results and related fabric consumption well before you start cutting and sewing.


    I would also like to emphasize that the skirt from this book is merely a foundation for your own masterpieces. Let your creativity bloom!

    Enjoy it!

    Believing in your success,

    Tatiana Kozorovitsky


    Choose "USB Drive" in Delivery Option to get the course on Corset Academy custom made physical USB Drive. 

    Corset Academy video course on usb




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